House Train Any Dog Review | Potty Training a Puppy

“House Train any dog” can be considered as a clear and concise book that will help people to teach good habits to their puppy or adult dog. People can learn how to housebreak even the most stubborn and disobedient dog in a convenient way from this book. The eBook “House Train any dog” is compatible with any kind of PC and mobile device. Therefore people who have a dog or a puppy in their home can purchase this product without any hesitation.

“House Train any dog” has some do-it-yourself methods in order to train your dog. The effectiveness of these techniques is proven and you will be able to teach a wide range of good habits to your puppy within a short period of time. Then you can leave your puppy or dog alone at home and he will not mess up the place during that time.

Plenty of reasons are available for a dog owner to purchase the eBook “House Train any dog”. It contains almost all the important things that you should know in order to train your dog easily. All the information is reliable and up to date. Every single step in the book is explained in detail, so you will not get confused when reading the book. Teaching good bathroom habits can be considered as the biggest problem of dog owners. “House Train any dog” will assist you with that and it will let you know some tips which will discourage your dog from going to bathroom in and out of the way places inside your home. It will be a big help for you and you will not have to spend some time on cleaning the stuff in every morning.

The techniques that are mentioned in the book are tested with a wide range of dog breeds. Therefore they claim that these tips work for all the dog breeds and with new puppies and older dogs alike. You don’t need to buy any extra equipment to practice the things that are mentioned in “House Train any dog. Therefore reading this book is extremely convenient and hassle free. Many people do mistakes when training their dog due to lack of knowledge. This eBook will teach the common mistakes that people do and will assist you to stay away from them. You can practice all these methods by yourself and you will not have to seek the assistance of professionals in the field.

The price of this dog training guide is perfectly affordable and the amount you pay is totally worth for the results you get in return. You will get the opportunity to experience some fast results from the guide and they guarantee that you will be able to train your dog within 6 days. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure its effectiveness. The results of “House Train any dog” are proven and it can clearly be seen from the customer testimonials about the product. Therefore any dog owner can purchase it without thinking twice.

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John Miller – Healthy Dog Food: 245 Homemade Recipes Review

Your pet is an important member of the family; so feeding them the best is always a major concern. This is why John Miller’s collection, “245 Healthy Dog Food Homemade Recipes” has been rated very high simply due to the overall success that ts provides. It is known for the extensive research that has found certain foods to help with your dog’s health along with the cost saving techniques that come with making your very own recipes. It’s a new way to provide better care for your pet!

“It’s very impressive. This is an invaluable reference for the dog owner. I would highly recommend this ebook to all who are interested in improving their dog life.”
-Bob Johnson, LA

Does the Author Have a Few Pets of His Own?

John Miller is an avid pet lover and has owned dogs his entire life. Because of this experience; he has went through the health issues that can come with certain breeds along with a variety of different food types that were recommended from his vet. It started 50 years ago when he began analyzing products that ended up containing many harmful chemicals. This is when he started creating his own recipes and has developed more than just an eating regiment, but other products to help with healthier maintenance. And due to his thorough research; he has been offered up to $50,000 for these secrets including the rights. John declined and instead he wrote this ebook for the world to share. And he constantly continues to update and make new recipes which is why his methods are valued.

So, What Exactly Does this Book Offer?

First off; it’s pretty obvious from the title that there are 245 healthy recipes for your dog. However, according to reviews; there are guaranteed results to see a complete difference with your pet in just three days! These recipes have been tested and guaranteed to work along with a few that are specialized for certain conditions. For instance, there are recipes for natural shampoo ranging from dry skin to insect repellent along with a delicious treat that helps with bad breath. Even animals that suffer from a sensitive stomach or are just very picky eaters; there are preferred dishes that you can make to overcome those obstacles as well.

But, a major highlight in downloading this book are the extra features that are added. The cost is about $40, but the website offers a daily special of $30; if ordered same day. This being a constant deal; the cost will always be the lower amount. However, in addition to this book; you also receive constant updates of recipes, some informational videos and secrets to training, and an instant subscription to John Miller’s newsletter. “245 Healthy Dog Food Homemade Recipes” provide an overall healthier appeal to taking care of your pet.

The only downside seems to be the length of time that some of these recipes may take. It’s more convenient to feed your dogs from a bag or to use prescription medication for an ailment. This especially applies to those that have multiple pets. But, making some of these from scratch in preparation can help to reduce this issue.

Is it Worth the Buy?

If you have the time and patience to cook up a few delicious meals for your pet; then yes, it is definitely worth it. The price of maintenance will be reduce by 50% making it cost effective as well as healthier. Each recipe has been proven to work and many people are extremely pleased with the result it has had on their animal. The main goal is to provide a healthier lifestyle for your pet and creating some homemade dog food recipes will accomplish that. Besides, if your dog is truly a major part of your family; it’s important to provide the best care possible. Your pet will thank you!

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Dove Cresswell’s Puppy Training and Dog Training Online Review

Dog training is often an expensive process that leaves many dog owners regretting their decision in dog trainers. Every dog trainer claims to be best. Each and every one says their methods are fast and effective. So how can you be sure that your dog is being trained to respond perfectly? How can you be sure that the dog trainer you choose is truly the best in the business? It’s not easy and Dove Cresswell recognizes the fact that it is not easy to distinguish between dog trainers. So why would you believe her words that her online dog training course would work? Simple because she is the best!

Who is Dove Cresswell?

Dove Cresswell is a distinguished dog trainer based in North Hollywood known for training dogs and puppies that have featured in a number of films and commercials. Some of the films which have featured her dogs include Saved! and Sam’s Lake. She has also trained dogs that have featured in TV shows such as Charlie’s Angels as well as Cougar Crossings. As you can see, she definitely has the experience when it comes to training dogs.

What is Puppy Training and Dog training Online?

Dove Cresswell’s product, Puppy Training and Dog Training Online is a set of videos and resources that provides the dog owner with a effective methods to train your dogs. Featuring 7 detailed videos, the dog owner gets to hear Dove Cresswell’s voice as well as see the different training postures and voice commands to train their dog to be completely professional.

Here’s a quick review of what you can expect the training videos to cover. From the start, the author will guide you on how to get your puppy house as well as potty trained. Dog obedience and Crate training are covered in depth as well. The training videos also cover puppy and dog manners that your pet should have. Moreover, through the videos, you should be able to train your dog/puppy to walk politely on a leash. Recall training is also covered in one video segment. Lastly, the author gives a video on special dog tricks that your pet can learn.

Pros of the Dove Cresswell Puppy Training and Dog Training Program

There are certainly a number of advantages that this program has over the numerous dog training programs in the market.

First, all the videos are conveniently located in one location. As soon as you purchase the program, you can easily watch and re-watch the videos over and over again while training your dog. This eliminates the need to wait for DVDs to ship out. Moreover, it completely eliminates the shipping and handling charges were you to opt for an such an option with other dog training programs.

Secondly, the program is very well organized in short videos courses designed to eliminate all of the unwanted information. What you are left with is a video guide with only what you need to get your dog/puppy properly trained.

The complimentary video is a definite plus. With a number of videos, you don’t actually get to see results until you purchase the DVD. However, with this program, you get to see a training video which you can use for yourself. Based on its effectiveness, you can decide whether or not, it is worth your time and money.

Lastly, the program has a very attractive cost. At just, $38.97, you get full instant access to the program as well as a number of bonus videos to help you train your dog effectively.

My final thought

As far as dog training guides are concerned, Dove Cresswell’s program is insightful and presents useful information in easy-to-follow techniques. It is nice to have a program that one can start right away instead of waiting for one that has to be shipped to you. Moreover, you are working with Dove Cresswell who is considered to be one of the best dog trainers in the current market. What more do you need!

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Daniel Stevens Secrets to Dog Training Review – Does it Work?

Most dog owners often struggle with their pet’s strange behavior and fail to have problems understanding why their dogs behave they way they do. Author and renowned dog trainer, Daniel Stevens recognizes that such behavior by your dog can leave you embarrassed or stressed. His book, Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems! offers a number of ways through which you can effectively resolve all the problems that you are having with your dogs.

About Daniel Stevens – Secrets to Dog Training author

At this point, you may find yourself asking who Daniel Stevens is and whether or not he has any actual experience to author such a comprehensive dog training guide. Daniel Stevens is the head of Secrets to Dog Training, a world renown group of dog trainers who have spent a number of years learning the secrets to effectively training their dogs.  The author has spent all of his life around dogs and devoted much of his time researching on effective dog training methods.

What exactly does the Secrets to Dog Training do?

The book, Secrets to Dog Training is a simple-to-follow dog guide that teaches more than just how to train your dogs. It lets you know the responsibilities that you ought to be undertaking as a new dog owner. Moreover, it goes further to teach on dog care, dog ownership, various dog ailments that you need to be aware of as well as various commands and tricks that you should know when training your dog. The book covers vital topics including the various dog troubles that you may have to deal with when training your dog. These include biting, aggression as well as jumping; all of which are covered in depth.

The book is divided into nine chapters. The start of the book covers the basics of dog training and how to effectively deal with your dog throughout the training. Further along the book, more sophisticated topics are covered such as dog commands as well as various health concerns that you should be aware of while taking care of your dog. The book ends with a segment focused on dog commands and tricks.

Pros of Secrets to Dog Training

One of the most pleasing aspects of the book lies in its organization. Secrets to Dog training is very well organized with the chapters flowing fluidly covering all the obstacles encountered with dog training in depth.

Another pleasing aspect is the amount of information found in the book. Secrets to Dog Training has a vast amount of information on all that you need to know on dog ownership. One particular chapter, the behavior curing chapter, is noted to have far more information on the subject than most dog training publications currently in circulation.

Perhaps the best thing about this book is the added benefits that come with every purchase of the book. Once you purchase your copy of Secrets to Dog Training, you get a free copy of a number of other books. These include Dog Grooming Made Simple, A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression as well as 180 Gourmet Dog Food Recipes among others.


It is quite clear when you read the book, Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!, that the author knows exactly which issues to tackle throughout the dog training process. Moreover, the author lends his expertise in the subject by providing helpful information on how to properly fit in the role of a dog owner. Besides dog training, various other crucial topics such as dog ailments and care are considered and discussed thoroughly. As such, this guide to Dog training truly lives up to its reputation as a comprehensive resource on the subject. A must have for individuals looking to unlock the secrets of dog training!

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Tips and tricks of herding training

Are you presently a proud owner of one of the working dog breeds? If you are, you’re probably looking for top dog training tips that will enable you to help your dog reach his or her “career potential.” Here are seven tips to keep in mind as you evaluate your dog’s abilities.

Some people start training their dogs to work, to be guide dogs or herding dogs, before they know if they have a dog suited to that kind of work. You may have all the good intentions in the world before you embark on this kind of training, but if you don’t have a potential working dog, you’re likely to fail.

Some dogs have a certain amount of herding dog training bread into them. This makes the training process easier but it still requires time and effort. Research on herding dog breeds will go a long ways. Once you have found a good pup you should start to familiarize the dog with the mechanics of sheep farming.

Simply taking the dog with you to the fields is a good start. If an older dog has never been around larger animals they can sometimes be frighted. Dogs which are frighted may lash out and become unruly to train. If you happen to be trying to train an older dog who is afraid at first you will need to do a bit more work to correct this problem.

While having a pack of dogs (two or three) is much more efficient when herding, only train one pup at a time. Trying to control, praise, and scold several dogs at once is not only frustrating for you but it will also be confusing for the dogs.

If you already have a dog who is trained for herding this can be very beneficial for a new pup to watch. Often times dogs learn from other dogs behavior. If you are training your dog for competitions you may already have friends with trained dogs. It may be possible to have training sessions with these dogs.

Herding dog training can be some what frustrating if you have never done it before. One thing you will want to make sure of is that you always correct your canine when he/she makes mistakes. It may get a bit tiresome after a while correcting the same mistake over and over again but if you do not your dog will develop bad habits. When a herding dog develops bad habits it can be dangerous for the sheep as well as the security of your flock. Avoid this at all costs.

While teaching one command at a time seems less confusing for your puppy it can cause them to become board. Try and alternate two or three commands at a time. Once your pup has mastered these commands you can start to work on more complicated commands.

When you are training dogs for herding it is essential to know their signs because you are assigning them a duty. Dogs are usually alert animals and they are working as well. So when you notice a working canine it means there would be a change in posture.

You should make commands at such times when it will make them work and make the task easy for you. You are training them to serve your purpose so teach them what exactly they need to do. Over-doing commands and training might confuse them and your good behavior will make them yours.

You can consult people who have put their herding trained dogs for competition to learn the tricks from them.


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Dangers and preventions of dog worms

Till a very recent period, dog worms were regarded as of a natural source, caused by the influence of heat upon rotting vegetable matter, also it was and still is readily asserted that young puppies are born with dog worms inherited from the mom in certain unexplainable manner whilst still in womb. This has been conclusively proven an error and in the minds of all scientists there is no question about dog worms springing from individual eggs and having a complete life history of their own.

The principal worm species with which dog owners have to contend are round worms and tape worms. The first named commonly infest puppies and consequently are most dreaded by breeders. In shape and size these worms resemble common angle worms, but in color are lighter, being almost white or only a pale pink.

Canine worms are a significant overall health hazard. They impact your dogs wellness and should be taken care of the minute you even suspect there might be a problem. Dog worms are such a typical problem that I truly would suggest this to any proprietor. Canine worms are typical, so it’s essential that your veterinarian routinely check your canine for worms. Your vet will have a stool sample from your dogs feces and visually look for worms below a microscope.

Tapeworms often possess a sort of flat, segmented body and can sometimes be observed as rice-like segments or chains in the droppings of your canine or puppy. These are a common kind of canine health issue, and they tend to be coupled with flea infestations. Tapeworms are harmful parasites that existing in small intestine of dogs. Dipylidium Caninum may be the most typical Tapeworms that may be existing in dog. Tapeworms reside in the small intestine, attaching towards the intestine wall. The tapeworm utilizes fleas as an intermediate host and can be handed to a canine when the dog ingests the flea.

General guidelines for dog worm prevention

  • When walking your dog in a park, picking up his feces as a standard practice not only prevents soil contamination, but also prevents the spread of many other dog diseases.
  • Regular visits to the vet and stool testing is a great way to prevent dog worms, as well as other illnesses. Twice-yearly worm testing is recommended. Make sure your dog is tested for worms before starting a heartworm preventative.
  • High-risk dogs should be screened more often (check with your vet).
  • Flea control is important because fleas are responsible for the spread of tapeworms.
  • Most puppies find feces quite appetizing. Keep your dog away from feces: his own as well as others. This is the most common form of worm infestation.
  • When cleaning your dog’s area, such as his bed or crate, spray it with a strong saltwater solution and let dry. This aids in the prevention of worms.
  • Before traveling with your dog to obscure destinations, consult your vet of the potential risks to your dog.
  • Avoid exposing your dog to stray animals, birds and dead rodents, which often harbor immature tapeworms that can mature inside your dog.
  • Contact your vet if your dog displays any symptoms after receiving worm medication.


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Quick Article about Dog Constipation

dog_constipationThere comes an occasion in everybody’s existence when constipation shows its unpleasant head. The same holds true for dogs, unfortunately. Lack of exercise and proper diet can lead to bouts of constipation (sound familiar?). While you may seek a variety of ways to “eliminate” this problem in your own life, let’s explore some home remedies for dog constipation which can be utilized in the eventuality it occurs in theirs.

Frequent Constipation causes a condition called megacolon. When the feces accumulate in the colon, it dilates to hold the feces. Over a period it loses its ability to contract and expand to propel the feces out.

Clinical signs are the important methods by which the Constipation is diagnosed. Physical examination and, in certain cases, radiography can help in assessing the Constipation of the pet. First, treatment may involve enemas and or the physical removal of the feces in a veterinary clinic. If that doesn’t work then surgery may be used. The dog may need intravenous liquids to treat dehydration. Various laxatives are available for dogs, that soften the stools and improve colon contraction.

When your dog starts showing these dog constipation symptoms, you can try doing these things:

  • Make sure it has sufficient water supply. As we mentioned above, dehydration makes the dog’s body absorb fluids from its foods so keeping it hydrated makes it stool soft and easy to poop.
  • Give them an adequate amount of exercise by letting them out and playing with them. Exercises help your them loosen stool so it will be easier for them to defecate.
  • Try feeding your dog fruits, vegetables, and raw meat. Good examples of which are bran, pumpkin, wheat, and sweet potatoes. These foods act as a natural laxative so they can help your dog out in pooping.
  • If you have the resources, buy high-quality dog foods that are rich in fiber so your dog’s digestive functions can improve.


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Put an End to Aggressive Dog Behaviour

Aggressive canine behaviour is usually a unpleasant problem for dog owners. It seems like reports of mauling come in everyday where children, adults and other animals get hurt or killed. Careful attention and positive habits are vital in controlling aggressive dogs.

Some dog owners are very irresponsible, to say the least. They pen the creatures up, chain them like slaves, and neglect them to the point of death. Every year there are stories about dog owners and breeders that are found with starving and abused pets. Most state and local laws are weak and difficult to enforce. It begs the question, “Why have a dog or any pet if it is tied up to suffer?” That suffering can lead to violent, aggressive dogs that maim, kill and bite, sometimes without provocation.

Even when dogs have been trained and been around a lot of dogs your own dogs tendency will still to be to be an aggressive dog when your dog makes eye contact with other dogs. This is mostly a problem caused by the way in which most dog obedience courses are taught. Remember back when your dog was in a class with other dogs and you had to pull with the leash to keep your dog away from these other dogs. As you probably know, most dogs are naturally curios and when a pup gets together for the first time with a bunch of other dogs he would have been curious. The natural course of action as a new dog owner would have been to pull your dog hard away from the other dogs and now your dog will have learned that being around other dogs is bad and in the case of being close to other dogs it is easier to scare them away by being aggressive than it is to be docile and perhaps find a new friend.

As time has gone on you have probably pulled your dog away from other dogs at the dog park and now you have reinforced the idea that being around other dogs is bad. Well you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks and this trick is to let your dog be friendly again but still be respectful around other dogs.

Dogs tend to become aggressive during meal time. During or before feeding, train your pet to stay calm. During training, remain consistent. Letting up is not an option. For example, if you train your pet to not bark in one location, enforce this action to avoid confusion.

Some dogs are aggressive when they are in pain from some kind of illness or other issue. Dogs feel weak while they are in pain. You should visit your veterinarian to rule out any potential illnesses that cause pain. If the vet finds something wrong, they can treat the condition and the dog should feel more at ease.

Not pampering the dog or giving it food for sometime if it has misbehaved is a good way of showing the dog that it hasn’t behaved well. On the other hand be generous in rewarding good behaviour. You could give it a treat, pamper it and praise it. This way it understands that its behaviour has been pleasing and is obliged to show more of it. One of the keys is to avoid attacking or abusive commands when the dog has taken an aggressive stance. Similarly avoid making eye contact when the dog is in an aggressive mood. Making eye contact is like questioning its dominance. For puppies, to train them against aggressive behaviour, use a firm “No” to control them. If the puppy doesn’t behave, close it behind a room for some time. Eventually the puppy will listen to your No, to avoid being locked out. Some dog trainers are very good at balancing the nervousness or fear of the dog with ham treats. This way whenever the dog comes across triggers for instinctive aggression, it will associate the image of a ham, which will make it feel calmer and less nervous or afraid. This could happen most when the puppy or dog encounters other dogs or people who scare the puppy.


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Choke Chain Dog Collars : cruel or useful?

Choke chain training collars possess a mixed reaction by individuals. Many instructors hold up them as an excellent device for teaching your dog. Others look at them as being very cruel. They especially abhor how easy it is to injure your dog when you are not properly trained yourself on how to use them. It is true that injuries can occur with any type of collar. This includes more common collars such as nylon collars. It cannot be denied however, that more injuries have occurred with choke chains. The injuries can be very serious, including collapse o the trachea.

What a Choke Chain is Designed to Do

A choke collar is designed to be used in training exuberant and strong dogs to walk on a leash without pulling. It was made to pinch the dogs brachial nerve in much the same way a mother dog would nip her pup’s neck to stop undesirable behavior. If fitted properly and used by a professional trainer who has had experience in working with choke chains, they can indeed teach a dog not to pull on a leash as doing so causes the dog discomfort that he quickly learns can be avoided by walking correctly.

There are generally three types of choke collars: chain, nylon and prong. Purchasing an effective and safe collar is dependent upon getting the right size for your animal. To do this, take a piece of twine or something similar and place it around your pet’s neck about one inch behind its ears. Place two of your fingers underneath to provide a bit of breathing space, and add two and a half inches. If you can, take your pet to the store with you so that you can try out several types to get the correct size.

Why a choke chain is not a suitable tool for training your dog

  • You are forcing your dog to do what you want; it is much better to get you dog to do what you want be positive means.
  • Mistakes can be made by putting the chain on the wrong way round and just choking your dog and never releasing the tension mean you dog is always uncomfortable.
  • It is very negative – you are trying to stop the dog doing something that is wrong but you are never telling the dog what is right and what it should be doing.
  • It is simply cruel and inhumane and should never be used.

So my recommendation is you should do all your training without choke chain. Using positive methods of training both you and your dog will develop a close bond based on mutual respect and therefore more will be achieved in your training. There may be some extreme and rare cases, where there are grounds for considering using a choke chain of some kind. You should never say never to anything but in my mind it is very close to never.

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Rat Poisoning in Dogs: What you need to know

Dogs consuming poison is a really common situation throughout the country annually since numerous household items including rodenticides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze and also washing products etc. are left around places that dogs may easily get to it.

Rat poisons are pest control chemicals and substances that are used to kill rats. It is also harmful to animals and humans as well. The signs and symptoms is not immediately shown after ingestion and it may take up to few hours or days to see the result.

There are ways however to determine if your dog or other pet is in danger of poisoning, you may not be able to cure them directly but knowing these symptoms can help you in determining whether your pet needs immediate professional attention before it’s too late.

1. Food aversion or loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

2. Fatigue, trembling of muscles, uncoordinated gait and difficulty in breathing

3. Bloody urine and bloody or bright green stool

4. External bruising, hair loss or coma

5. Weakness, exhaustion and inability to stand

6. Mild to severe cough, lung problems, diarrhea

7. Nose bleeding or blood in saliva

8. Gum bleeding or lung bleeding

9. Drooling, slobbering or salivating

10. Depression, despair or dejection

etting medical aid as soon as possible once you suspect rat poisoning in your dog will help get the treatment he needs to keep him safe. You can also induce vomiting at home to get the poison out. If you fail to notice or are unaware of the implications of the various symptoms explained above you may ignore the symptoms and this may lead to severe internal bleeding and coma and may even result in the death of the dog.

Sometimes the dogs tend to prey upon rats that have ingested the poison. This too may affect the dog seriously but the intensity of damage is less when compared to ingestion of the poison directly. If you know for certain that your pet has ingested poison then you can induce vomiting.

Your pet will be safer if you take the necessary precautions like keeping him within your house or yard and avoiding the use of rat poison pellets. The manual rat traps are safer and better to the surroundings than the chemical poisoning agents.


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