John Miller – Healthy Dog Food: 245 Homemade Recipes Review

by admin on May 1, 2012

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Your pet is an important member of the family; so feeding them the best is always a major concern. This is why John Miller’s collection, “245 Healthy Dog Food Homemade Recipes” has been rated very high simply due to the overall success that ts provides. It is known for the extensive research that has found certain foods to help with your dog’s health along with the cost saving techniques that come with making your very own recipes. It’s a new way to provide better care for your pet!

“It’s very impressive. This is an invaluable reference for the dog owner. I would highly recommend this ebook to all who are interested in improving their dog life.”
-Bob Johnson, LA

Does the Author Have a Few Pets of His Own?

John Miller is an avid pet lover and has owned dogs his entire life. Because of this experience; he has went through the health issues that can come with certain breeds along with a variety of different food types that were recommended from his vet. It started 50 years ago when he began analyzing products that ended up containing many harmful chemicals. This is when he started creating his own recipes and has developed more than just an eating regiment, but other products to help with healthier maintenance. And due to his thorough research; he has been offered up to $50,000 for these secrets including the rights. John declined and instead he wrote this ebook for the world to share. And he constantly continues to update and make new recipes which is why his methods are valued.

So, What Exactly Does this Book Offer?

First off; it’s pretty obvious from the title that there are 245 healthy recipes for your dog. However, according to reviews; there are guaranteed results to see a complete difference with your pet in just three days! These recipes have been tested and guaranteed to work along with a few that are specialized for certain conditions. For instance, there are recipes for natural shampoo ranging from dry skin to insect repellent along with a delicious treat that helps with bad breath. Even animals that suffer from a sensitive stomach or are just very picky eaters; there are preferred dishes that you can make to overcome those obstacles as well.

But, a major highlight in downloading this book are the extra features that are added. The cost is about $40, but the website offers a daily special of $30; if ordered same day. This being a constant deal; the cost will always be the lower amount. However, in addition to this book; you also receive constant updates of recipes, some informational videos and secrets to training, and an instant subscription to John Miller’s newsletter. “245 Healthy Dog Food Homemade Recipes” provide an overall healthier appeal to taking care of your pet.

The only downside seems to be the length of time that some of these recipes may take. It’s more convenient to feed your dogs from a bag or to use prescription medication for an ailment. This especially applies to those that have multiple pets. But, making some of these from scratch in preparation can help to reduce this issue.

Is it Worth the Buy?

If you have the time and patience to cook up a few delicious meals for your pet; then yes, it is definitely worth it. The price of maintenance will be reduce by 50% making it cost effective as well as healthier. Each recipe has been proven to work and many people are extremely pleased with the result it has had on their animal. The main goal is to provide a healthier lifestyle for your pet and creating some homemade dog food recipes will accomplish that. Besides, if your dog is truly a major part of your family; it’s important to provide the best care possible. Your pet will thank you!

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