Quick Article about Dog Constipation

by admin on March 30, 2011

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dog_constipationThere comes an occasion in everybody’s existence when constipation shows its unpleasant head. The same holds true for dogs, unfortunately. Lack of exercise and proper diet can lead to bouts of constipation (sound familiar?). While you may seek a variety of ways to “eliminate” this problem in your own life, let’s explore some home remedies for dog constipation which can be utilized in the eventuality it occurs in theirs.

Frequent Constipation causes a condition called megacolon. When the feces accumulate in the colon, it dilates to hold the feces. Over a period it loses its ability to contract and expand to propel the feces out.

Clinical signs are the important methods by which the Constipation is diagnosed. Physical examination and, in certain cases, radiography can help in assessing the Constipation of the pet. First, treatment may involve enemas and or the physical removal of the feces in a veterinary clinic. If that doesn’t work then surgery may be used. The dog may need intravenous liquids to treat dehydration. Various laxatives are available for dogs, that soften the stools and improve colon contraction.

When your dog starts showing these dog constipation symptoms, you can try doing these things:

  • Make sure it has sufficient water supply. As we mentioned above, dehydration makes the dog’s body absorb fluids from its foods so keeping it hydrated makes it stool soft and easy to poop.
  • Give them an adequate amount of exercise by letting them out and playing with them. Exercises help your them loosen stool so it will be easier for them to defecate.
  • Try feeding your dog fruits, vegetables, and raw meat. Good examples of which are bran, pumpkin, wheat, and sweet potatoes. These foods act as a natural laxative so they can help your dog out in pooping.
  • If you have the resources, buy high-quality dog foods that are rich in fiber so your dog’s digestive functions can improve.


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