Rat Poisoning in Dogs: What you need to know

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Dogs consuming poison is a really common situation throughout the country annually since numerous household items including rodenticides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze and also washing products etc. are left around places that dogs may easily get to it.

Rat poisons are pest control chemicals and substances that are used to kill rats. It is also harmful to animals and humans as well. The signs and symptoms is not immediately shown after ingestion and it may take up to few hours or days to see the result.

There are ways however to determine if your dog or other pet is in danger of poisoning, you may not be able to cure them directly but knowing these symptoms can help you in determining whether your pet needs immediate professional attention before it’s too late.

1. Food aversion or loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

2. Fatigue, trembling of muscles, uncoordinated gait and difficulty in breathing

3. Bloody urine and bloody or bright green stool

4. External bruising, hair loss or coma

5. Weakness, exhaustion and inability to stand

6. Mild to severe cough, lung problems, diarrhea

7. Nose bleeding or blood in saliva

8. Gum bleeding or lung bleeding

9. Drooling, slobbering or salivating

10. Depression, despair or dejection

etting medical aid as soon as possible once you suspect rat poisoning in your dog will help get the treatment he needs to keep him safe. You can also induce vomiting at home to get the poison out. If you fail to notice or are unaware of the implications of the various symptoms explained above you may ignore the symptoms and this may lead to severe internal bleeding and coma and may even result in the death of the dog.

Sometimes the dogs tend to prey upon rats that have ingested the poison. This too may affect the dog seriously but the intensity of damage is less when compared to ingestion of the poison directly. If you know for certain that your pet has ingested poison then you can induce vomiting.

Your pet will be safer if you take the necessary precautions like keeping him within your house or yard and avoiding the use of rat poison pellets. The manual rat traps are safer and better to the surroundings than the chemical poisoning agents.


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