Tips and tricks of herding training

by admin on May 4, 2011

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Are you presently a proud owner of one of the working dog breeds? If you are, you’re probably looking for top dog training tips that will enable you to help your dog reach his or her “career potential.” Here are seven tips to keep in mind as you evaluate your dog’s abilities.

Some people start training their dogs to work, to be guide dogs or herding dogs, before they know if they have a dog suited to that kind of work. You may have all the good intentions in the world before you embark on this kind of training, but if you don’t have a potential working dog, you’re likely to fail.

Some dogs have a certain amount of herding dog training bread into them. This makes the training process easier but it still requires time and effort. Research on herding dog breeds will go a long ways. Once you have found a good pup you should start to familiarize the dog with the mechanics of sheep farming.

Simply taking the dog with you to the fields is a good start. If an older dog has never been around larger animals they can sometimes be frighted. Dogs which are frighted may lash out and become unruly to train. If you happen to be trying to train an older dog who is afraid at first you will need to do a bit more work to correct this problem.

While having a pack of dogs (two or three) is much more efficient when herding, only train one pup at a time. Trying to control, praise, and scold several dogs at once is not only frustrating for you but it will also be confusing for the dogs.

If you already have a dog who is trained for herding this can be very beneficial for a new pup to watch. Often times dogs learn from other dogs behavior. If you are training your dog for competitions you may already have friends with trained dogs. It may be possible to have training sessions with these dogs.

Herding dog training can be some what frustrating if you have never done it before. One thing you will want to make sure of is that you always correct your canine when he/she makes mistakes. It may get a bit tiresome after a while correcting the same mistake over and over again but if you do not your dog will develop bad habits. When a herding dog develops bad habits it can be dangerous for the sheep as well as the security of your flock. Avoid this at all costs.

While teaching one command at a time seems less confusing for your puppy it can cause them to become board. Try and alternate two or three commands at a time. Once your pup has mastered these commands you can start to work on more complicated commands.

When you are training dogs for herding it is essential to know their signs because you are assigning them a duty. Dogs are usually alert animals and they are working as well. So when you notice a working canine it means there would be a change in posture.

You should make commands at such times when it will make them work and make the task easy for you. You are training them to serve your purpose so teach them what exactly they need to do. Over-doing commands and training might confuse them and your good behavior will make them yours.

You can consult people who have put their herding trained dogs for competition to learn the tricks from them.


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